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Nuclear Reactor or Atomic Pile

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Nuclear reactor is an arrangement, in which controlled
nuclear fission reaction takes place.

  • First nuclear reactor was established in Chicago
    University under the supervision of Prof Enrico
  • Heavy water, graphite and beryllium oxide are used
    to slow down the fast moving neutrons. They are
    called moderate.
    Uses of Nuclear Reactor
    (i)To produce electrical energy from the energy
    released during fission.
    (ii)To produce different isotopes, this can be used
    medical, physical and agriculture science.
    There are several components of nuclear reactor
    which are as follows
  • Fissionable Fuel U235 or U239 is used.
  • Moderator decreases the energy of neutrons, so that
    they can be further used for fission reaction.
  • Heavy water and graphite are used as moderator.
  • Control Rod rods of cadmium or boron are used to
    absorb the excess neutrons produced in fission of
    uranium nucleus, so that the chain reaction

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